Hey guys!

My intention with this blog is to offer you some updated information about Rio de Janeiro, city I am in love with and where I live. First of all, I need to say: my written English is not the best one, but is the one I have to begin moving forward my idea of having this blog, and make you feel comfortable in my city by giving you some tips and information about the best way to enjoy this wonderful city! So, sorry about it… You can fix me (I really do not care) or give a few laughs from my mistakes!!! Secondly, the whole content is created by me and this is my own view of the city. Me, myself and I!

Thinking about all the events and the good things happening in Rio, such as sports events (World Cup 2014, Olympic Games 2016), UPP (new public safety policy) and so on, I decide to make a research on blogs and websites that offer a nice content in English of Rio to foreign tourists. And I did not find a really good one or at least that attend my expectations when I put my shoes on your feet looking for places to go, directions, restaurants, website indications, and beaches beyond Copacabana and Ipanema!

So here I am, unpretentious, just with an idea in mind to make your experience in Rio easier and pleasant, providing you some basic information about the city, but above all giving you more local tips on what to do, on what cariocas also go/do, not only typical tourist information.

Enjoy it, have a nice trip and be a carioca*!

* Carioca is how inhabitants of Rio de Janeiro are called.

I would like to hear you!

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